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Customer engagement

Running a business during a public health crisis isn’t so simple. With strict stay-at-home orders, many businesses are moving their storefronts online. Further, customers are on hold for hours because of call volumes and agent shortages. One thing is certain in the post-pandemic world; retailers need to be prepared for the speed and scale which change will take place and have a plan for adapting.

Improve the on-hold experience

Tensions are high as people face uncertainty on a daily basis with the pandemic. On-hold messages can ease frustration by answering commonly asked questions, letting your clients know what they can expect or engaging by sharing an interesting story.

Creating an engaging experience can also minimize the risk of premature hang-ups. 70% of callers waiting on-hold in silence hang up within 60 seconds; of them, 35% won’t call back. Level up the type of engagement you provide to help you stand out from your competition.

Humanise communication

Providing a human voice to message-on-hold is a small act to build connection between you and your client. Time spent alone has increased dramatically in the pandemic. Many of us are experiencing isolation in a way we never have before. A personal story creates an emotional connection, which fosters loyalty and trust.

Share ideas, promote your business Time spent on-hold is an opportunity to share information and ideas with the customer. This is where you can get creative – provide an engaging story, share events and special offers, or offer education. Professional on-hold messaging can promote your business, improve customer retention and increase revenue through cross-selling. It’s powerful when done right, and an endless sales pitch when done wrong.

Customer engagement