How does it work Infotel Communications

Contact us: We’ll listen to your needs and ask the right questions, then go to work developing a custom marketing message to maximize your investment.

When we have the text just right you can choose your voice and background music by listening to the samples from our samples page here. When the production is complete and you are absolutely satisfied, your production will be delivered to you ready to go.

What is included: Everything you need to impress your callers: Our experienced professionals will supply everything you need; creative copywriting, digital playback equipment if needed, licensed on hold music from our extensive library, professional voice talent… all produced by knowledgeable sound engineers.

Setting things up on your phone system is usually a breeze: Whether your phone system is a VOIP system (Voice over Internet Protocol) or a conventional KSU (Key Server Unit) or PBX (Private Base Exchange) we know the business and we’ll guide you through it. We will manage your communications on an ongoing basis according to the plan you choose.