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Message on Hold

Use your customer’s time on-hold wisely to share information about your business, products and services. Answer often asked questions. With message on hold you can announce new products, promote events, your location and hours of operation.

Greetings and Voice Prompts for your Auto Attendant

Impress your customers. Your phone system greeting and call routing system is the first point of contact. Make sure your callers are directed clearly with professional recorded greetings. Start your customer relationships off on the right foot.

In Store Communications

Make your store part of your marketing strategy with over head announcements or in store digital displays.


Every Infotel production voiced by our award-winning professional announcers speaks with confidence and authority. Our job is to reflect the quality and professionalism of your business.

All our announcers currently work in the communications industry. When you choose Infotel, you benefit from their wealth of professional experience. Visit our voice samples section to choose a professional sound that fits your company. Link to samples.

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Nationwide Furniture Mattress Outlet has decided to partner with infotel communications moving forward in the future with its excellent long-standing reputation. My dad's business initially worked with them for many years and always had success in doing so. The communication is clear, and the results are proven. We highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a strong Message On-Hold."
Bilal Kilani
We have been using infotel for as long as I can remember. They have always been on top of their game even when I forget to update our on hold message I always receive an email from Mike as a reminder. He always responds promptly and professionally! We highly recommend them for an On hold Message!  
Jason Argent
Operations Manager
We have been working with infotel for over 10 years and have always been very pleased with the service they provide. infotel has great announcers and lots of background music to choose from. The staff has been very good at making suggestions and giving advice on what we might want to mention in our new messages I would definitely recommend infotel for anyone looking to do a message on hold.
Joel Siemens
We have been working closely with Infotel communications for many years and are very pleased with the on-hold messages that his team produces for True Key Hotels & Resorts. Their creativity and professionalism is always appreciated and we highly recommend their services. We look forward to continuing working with Mike and his excellent team into the future!
Katie Wallace

infotel has serviced the “message on hold” needs for our own “Modern Sales” stores  as well many other Modern Jobbers located throughout Canada for well over 20 years. They know our industry and provide very good service. If problems arise they are fixed without a fuss. Their product is excellent.  I recommend infotel communications.

Jeff Fortin
Cloverdale Paint has worked with infotel communications for over 2 decades. They have consistently gone above and beyond for Cloverdale Paint over the years.  From fast turn-around production and distribution projects, through to technology and infrastructure projects, the infotel team has always kept ahead of Cloverdale Paint’s needs and simply makes the on-hold program very easy to manage. I highly recommend infotel to any business or organization with just one – or many locations - across varied geographies and jurisdictions.
Kevin Skelly