Your phone is your friend: Covid 19 Infotel Communications

Your phone is your friend: Covid 19

Thirty years ago author Alvin Toffler’s book Future Shop predicted the age of “technology” was upon us. Those who are not prepared would be swept aside. His predictions were remarkable. Worldwide, eCommerce sales were $572 billion in 2010 yet they are projected to exceed 4 trillion dollars this year. Those purchases are mostly done using an electronic device.

Hence some predict that “relationship” selling will soon be gone forever. In simple terms, relationship selling is when the seller and purchaser exchange words during the transaction. That may include a good old fashioned handshake or a friendly hello.

So is that all gone forever? Remarkably some businesses are setting sales records they never would have imagined. My sister’s firm sells quilting fabric internationally. She has closed her “brick and mortar” store and retains her full staff to operate the “web business” exclusively. Just to keep up her company now operates 7 days a week, 15 hours per day as opposed to her previous regular business hours.  A major national Canadian paint sales company is also setting huge sales records. Their stores have been closed to walk in customers for months. Customers order their paint and sundries by phone in advance. Just prior to pick up they call the store from their cell phones and the order is delivered to their vehicle. A friend owns a small chain of aftermarket auto parts stores. Over breakfast recently he said that he would be embarrassed to tell me just how good business is. The same goes for hardware stores, building supply stores, pizza delivery restaurants and loads of other successful companies.

What do they all have in common? People are staying closer to home and the products and services they provide suit close to… or in home activities well. In addition they are all creative, innovative, positive minded people that operate their businesses well in the best of times.

What else? They are companies that use the services of infotel message on hold. Perhaps that’s a little thing but looking after the little things makes a big difference.

More than ever, patience is a virtue. Their customers now wait a little longer “on hold” when dealing by phone. However in most cases customers learn about amended procedures and new store hours related to Covid when waiting “on hold”. They are always informed and entertained by infotel’s message on hold service. That makes their wait “on hold” just a little more pleasant.

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Your phone is your friend:  Covid 19